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Gift of Ability, Compassion and Inclusion.

At HIBA Healthcare, our organisational philosophy is that education itself is an ability. By educating and supporting the participants in our communities we are enabling and empowering them to achieve confidence and independence. A participant’s vulnerability is not just the lack of access to an equitable lifestyle, it is also the unfamiliarity of the supports available through public and private entities.

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    Why Choose Us

    We employ an ability based approach
    We focus on taking advantage of the abilities, not the disabilities and improvise the systems to adapt to the needs of individuals by reflecting on their ability levels.
    We approach compassion as a mindset
    This mindset is a superpower that allows our team to focus on our participants, connect with them on a deeper level, and partner with them to reach satisfying and fulfilling outcomes.
    We count on inclusion as our strength
    Our pillars of strength are based on Equality, Potentials, Support, Engagement, Commitment, Knowledge and Practical Skills.
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