About Us

The word “CARE” was always an integral part of our lives. It took different meaning as we grew in our careers. Since, we have been providing “CARE” in so many ways, we realised that having an equitable lifestyle is actually “a gift”. That is where the name “HIBA” originated, meaning “GIFT” in Arabic.

Most of us take the very basic needs of everyday life for granted. On the other hand, some of us cannot breath normally due to a health condition. Some of us cannot pick up a glass for a sip of water or get up and go for shopping when needed. Additionally, some of us are impacted by our thoughts, perceptions, feelings and behaviours. It restricts them from making rational decisions and need support and counseling.

Since that realisation, the provision of “CARE” transitioned into sharing this “GIFT” with some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. A gift of ability, compassion and inclusion.

At Hiba Healthcare, our organisational philosophy is that education itself is an ability. By educating and supporting the participants we enable and empower them to achieve confidence and independence. A participant’s vulnerability is not just an equitable access, it is also the lack of information to organise the supports and services through public and private entities.

Our Team

Our team consists of various backgrounds in healthcare. These include, project management, case management, clinical care, research and programme development. We have a combined total of over 40 years working in Australia, United States and Singapore. Our experience comes from the industries such as community pharmacies, primary healthcare, scientific labs and In Vetro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment. We have provided access to health and wellness as well as, solutions to becoming parents. We understand that having a fulfilling lifestyle is HIBA (a gift).

Why Choose Us

We employ an ability based approach

We focus on taking advantage of the abilities, not the disabilities and improvise the systems to adapt to the needs of individuals by reflecting on their ability levels.

We approach compassion as a mindset
This mindset is a superpower that allows our team to focus on our participants, connect with them on a deeper level, and partner with them to reach satisfying and fulfilling outcomes.
We count on inclusion as our strength
Our pillars of strength are based on Equality, Potentials, Support, Engagement, Commitment, Knowledge and Practical Skills.
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